How I Have Stayed Motivated in the Winter

The cold weather “CAN’T DO” attitude is picking up and can pack a punch. But don’t let those gray days kill your motivational buzz! Stay motivated with what I use to keep working hard on living a healthy, fit lifestyle while Winter is here.

  • SHOWER FIRST: when you wake up and can’t really, “wake up,” try a shower before the gym.
  • WARM UP: Put your workout clothes in the dryer before you go outside to toast you up a bit. It feels so comforting, but also softens the blow of the cold blast of reality of the outdoors.
  • DRESS FOR IT: Get a few new sweaters or sweatshirts to spice up your winter workout wardrobe- it will make you feel fantastic and enable you to layer your gear to get you in and out of the gym without getting cold. I love to take my workout clothes from “gym” to “street” with minimal effort. Favorite place to shop: Carbon38
  • NEW, THEMED MUSIC: make new playlists for your specific workouts or with the ideal music that motivates you for each mode of exercise (intervals, long + steady cardio, weight lifting, yoga, et al.) Don’t want to make your own playlist? Use @spotify and check out their workout playlists. Already have some of your own? Motivate yourself by simply using “shuffle” as a way to make them different each time.
  • PUT IT ON YOUR GIFT LIST: ask for holiday gifts that will help push you towards your healthy living goals. Some ideas include: fitness class packages, a gym membership, a piece of tracking equipment that can show you how much you move throughout the day, fitness clothes, a some fun athletic shoes, a workout bag, and more!
  • SIGN UP: get yourself signed up for a morning boot camp class or regular classes to hold yourself accountable. I find that when I set a schedule and sign up, I go because I have paid for something and have somewhere to “show up.” Better yet, get yourself and all of your friends signed up for the LWA APP because I run consistent 30-day challenges you can all do together!
  • MAKE IT A GROUP THING: I have friends and colleagues I meet up with to try new workouts or a healthy new restaurant. You can get co-workers to launch a wellness campaign in December so you all can help one another remain healthy during the holidays instead of catching up afterwards! Try weekly potlucks for healthy lunches, skip bringing in unhealthy holiday treats, make your office party a healthier affair, limit yourself to a 3-cocktails/week limit all month long….there’s so much you can do!
  • MAKE IT SOCIAL: make it social- commit to physical activity by joining a community like LWA and using social media as your motivation/accountability! I post my own stuff on social media to hold myself accountable. I will motivate you to forget the excuses and stay on-task! Post your fitness & nutrition intentions on social media so you can’t be lazy + forget them!