I am a true breakfast lover at heart and being a mom to a little one, I’ve muddled around in my kitchen trying to make the traditional breakfasts creative, healthier, + filled with flavor. These are my go-to pancake recipes that will serve you up with some fork-licking breakfast options!






Protein Pancake Trio

Blueberry Cheesecake

Vanilla Pear

Roasted Cinnamon Apple




Potato Pancakes with Sriracha-Spiced Syrup

Mixing the sweet with the savory is such a yummy experience for your tastebuds! Partner them with some morning veggies and/or greens for an added dose of nutrients.




Savory Spinach Pancakes

Serve these up with some lightly roasted garlic tomatoes and you can have pancakes at ANY time of day!







Banana-Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Ok….so sometimes a cheat prep of these pancakes is in order! Take the protein pancake base from above + top them with melted chocolate chips + banana slices!