Healthy Living Concierge Monthly Membership

$295.00 / month for 3 months and a $195.00 sign-up fee

This is a custom subscription service that has 3 main initial steps and then an average of 3 months to get into a healthy groove and to

Step 1: I will walk you through an extensive client questionnaire, reviewing a detailed analysis of your current health and lifestyle. Then, I will create a personalized program to efficiently and effectively achieve your goals within a realistic timeline and budget-all while learning how to forever change your health and habits in a manageable way.

Step 2: After an initial, evaluative consultation, I will define a detailed, all-encompassing program for you that includes: nutrition, meal planning, fitness, and wellness coaching.
I will pick the combination of services that work best for you, define your specific nutritional needs, and determine the best approach for you and your goals.

Step 3: I will coach you through personalizing a realistic way to live healthily that fits into your schedule and lifestyle!

This may include, but is not limited to:
* A pantry purge and kitchen restock
* Grocery shopping tips + tricks (you’ll be surprised what you might learn!)
* Master meal planning and prep with the 4 P’s: planning, purchasing, prepping, + portioning
* Personalized weekly menus with recipes, prep tips, grocery store hacks, kitchen tricks, health benefits, and more
* Fitness programming and guidance
* Life strategies, sleep science, and stress management coaching for mental and emotional wellness
* Accountability + daily motivational coaching
* Weekly meetings via video or in-person to discuss:
* Program adherence, challenges, the next week’s meals, workouts, goals, and more.

This is more intensive during the initial 3 months and then you can opt-in to a "maintenance" program that is week-to-week at a lesser cost, but includes the main services.