Video by Madeline Doherty @madelinexmedia

This recipe is not only a visual treat (hello colors, which means varied nutrients,) it is tasty and can be made with leftover veggies!

The skinny on this bread thin:
it’s O’Doughs and I am in love. I am legitimately obsessed on the verge of a monogamous relationship with this pre-sliced, #glutenfree magic bread.

TOAST IT and set it on a plate.
The spreads are creative + simple:
I mash steamed carrots + simply add in a bit of avocado oil, sea salt, + red pepper flakes to spice-it-up. (Tip: you can also add curry powder to make it even more flavorful for another recipe.)

MASH IT all up together and spread it on one side of the bread
Avocado is another favorite sandwich spread so we all avoid using predictable or fatty options we don’t always need (hello mayo and cheese, you’re so yesterday!)

MASH IT and mix it with chopped scallions + a dash of lime juice, then spread it on the opposite side to the bread thing
Time for veggies galore:
LOAD IT (on the avocado side):

1 slice of roasted red bell pepper, store-bought
1 half of a pan-grilled yellow bell pepper
1 half of a pan-grilled poblano pepper
2 grilled yellow onion slices
TOP IT (on the carrot side):

2 cucumber slices (I sometimes soak mine in rice vinegar with a dash of gluten-free soy sauce + sugar overnight)
beet-based spicy sauerkraut, store-bought
Cut the sammy in half + enjoy for under 350 calories


As the base of the sandwich instead of bread (or sliced and put on top of the sammy,) try a portobello mushroom cap pre-marinated in teriyaki sauce (as seen in the video)
Make this for breakfast + add an egg over-easy for protein
Cut out the sauerkraut (especially if you can’t find it or eh, don’t like it!) and instead, add in a lean protein or more grilled bell peppers of assorted colors.