Soba Noodle Sesame SaladSoba noodles are made from buckwheat and are so much more filling + nutritious when compared to white flour noodles. I love them as a refreshing lunch, especially in this room temp/cold salad recipe. When purchasing, make sure you get brands that are naturally gluten-free/wheat-free like Eden Foods. I try to make the veggies the base of the recipe, adding in the noodles as a bonus and then a lean protein-of-choice recommended below. This makes 2-4 servings depending on whether it is a base for a protein or the main meal. ADD A PROTEIN: 4 oz of simply grilled salmon flakes over the noodles, a sesame oil baked cod, rotisserie chicken, or even 3-4 slices of lean steak make a great protein add-on
Chicken Satay with Volcanic Rice and BroccoliA nut-free satay sauce is a frequently made family-friendly flavor in my kitchen. I always feel like a foodie inside the realm of nutrition because I love to flirt with cuisines from all over, different flavor profiles, + make things we all would order at a restaurant but give it a recipe makeover by replacing some ingredients with healthier options and adapting the recipe so it isn't too complicated or time-consuming for all cooking levels. I took this recipe to a different place too by using skinless, boneless chicken thighs so they added another depth for a more "comfort" food like recipe this season. QUICK COOKING TIPS: For the broccoli: when you are in a pinch, buy it pre-cut into florets. Then, use a microwave-friendly dish with 1/4 cup of water at the bottom + gently steam the broccoli in the microwave for 4-6 minutes. Watch over-cooking. Stop at 4 minutes + fork it- if it is not tender enough for you- add another minute at a time until cooked to your liking without being mushy. For the rice: I buy Lotus Foods rice bowls that are steamed in a minute. They make meal time at home or the office so much easier.
Bang Bang ShrimpAirFry this recipe to save on fat + calories! I love the crispy outcome + the spice that adds some serious kick to meal time!
Red Bell Pepper Alfredo SauceThis Keto-friendly sauce is ideal for those who want the sense of their regular comfort food, with a dose of healthy ingredient replacement, but still a creamy as heck sauce! Add some protein to make it a complete meal- I love grilled chicken, shrimp, or salmon atop 1 1/2 cups of zucchini noodles + 1/2 cup of this sauce.
RECIPE REHAB: Air Fried Vegetable Egg RollsTo make this a full meal, add in 1-2 cups of cooked veggies on the side + a healthy dipping sauce. Need protein? Add ground white chicken meat to the rolls! To find gluten-free wrappers, buy the mix + make your own! Check the link in the recipe.
Curried Chicken Meatball WrapsMeatball me! I was so in the mood for meatballs, but wanted a twist on the "pasta with meatballs" kinda' dish. So, I made a coconut milk-base curry sauce for these curried chicken meatball wraps!
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