Pesto + Kale Detox BowlIt's actually a simple 20-minute prep when you get the potatoes roasting while you're chopping + prepping the rest!
Paleo Whole Grain BreadThis is a simple, paleo-friendly bread to use for a quick morning "toastie" with a green juice or the side to your lunchtime salad. I love how hearty it is and still gluten free!
Taco Egg White QuicheI could eat a quiche, pie, casserole- whatever you want to call it, every single day! Not only is it basic: mix stuff in a bowl, put it in a healthy savory pie crust, bake it, eat...but it is multiple servings of a flavorful meal that you can make in 1000000 different ways!
Crab Cake DinnerMYTH BUSTER: crab cakes CAN be made at home and ingredients are not expensive! I buy lump crab meat from the can, drain it, and place it in a bowl with a binder (like an egg) + veggies. Check out this #paleo friendly recipe, add any toppers you'd like, and serve it with a plentiful side of cooked veggies for a filling, balanced meal!
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