Four Healthy Breakfast Taco Combinations Using Leftovers

Four Healthy Breakfast Taco Combinations Using Leftovers

Breakfast shouldn’t be boring and you all know my undying love for anything TACO! These combinations are not only simple and quick, but they are tasty and also work with using leftovers to avoid waste, save $, and be efficient with your time.

This first combination is using leftover roasted poblano peppers with slaw mix, eggs, scallions, leftover Cotija cheese from dinner tacos a few days before, Primal Kitchen Cilantro-Lime dressing, and grain-free Siete Foods hard taco shells.

My second preparation is leftover pan-grilled bell peppers, scallions, and jalapeno; all sliced up and reheated, veggie refried beans, slaw mix, peach-habanero salsa, shredded cheese, homemade paleo chipotle ranch (so easy: Primal Kitchen ranch dressing with a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, avocado halves, eggs (scramble or over-easy is what I usually do,) and pan-grilled sprouted corn tortillas. MIX AND MATCH for your perfect combination!

My third choice is leftover grilled onions and asparagus with halved cherry tomatoes + sliced cucumber, mint from my garden, feta cheese slightly melted, + eggs to top.

LOW-CARB HACK: A great low-carb alternative is to serve this in lettuce cups instead of corn tortillas.


My final favorite combination is a combination of leftover grilled onion and jalapeno with my pickled red onions , slaw mix, cilantro from my garden, shredded mozzarella cheese, medium chunky salsa, Applegate low-sodium bacon, peach slices (to offset the spice of the pickled red onions,) and half of an avocado.