How-To Drink Smart

Let’s first cut the habit of imbibing in high calorie, sweetened non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. Why? Did you know that the average person drinks over 800 calories per day? That is MORE THAN HALF of my daily caloric intake. Gasp. Hiccup. Oops! Removing these from your diet + cutting sugars will help you lose weight + feel more energetic without the sugar crashes. Let’s make it happen!


  • Water first…it’s king. I start my morning with hot water + lemon every day to get my “habit” going. Water hydrates you, fills you up, lends to the 10 control systems in your body functioning properly. Drink 1/2 of your body weight in fluid ounces. Every. Single. Day. Keep reusable bottles in all of your “places.” I have one in my kitchen, bedside, car, + purse.
    • Bored? Then flavor the water naturally with citrus or fruits/herb combinations. My fave this time of year is lemon + mint. There are bottles on the market that will infuse it for you – simply put the combination in the bottle, follow instructions, and refrigerate overnight to snag and go in the morning.
  • Skip the soda (and the juice.) Soda addict? Yes, I am talking to you people out there who drink 3+ per day, whether it is diet or regular. Sugar, even sugar “flavored”/faked, merely lends to wanting MORE. You are feeding your cravings and that has to stop.
    • Ween yourself off of the soda 1 by 1. How do you do this? Cut back by 1/day for 3-5 days, then another the next 3-5 days, until you get to none. Meanwhile, you can replace them with one carbonated all-natural drink per day. Carbonation bloats us + lends to poor digestion.
  • No adding in…this means, with coffee, tea, anything, don’t add in syrups or sugars. Again, real or fake, you are feeding the sugar frenzy inside by sweetening your caffeine. Try a lighter, naturally flavored tea or a milder coffee bean where sugar isn’t needed.

LET’S TALK ALCOHOL too- tune in next week for a run-down on the do’s + don’ts

CALL TO ACTION FOLKS: Before we get into this topic- you have HOMEWORK! Write down what you drink. How much you drink/week. Then, I dare you to google the calories + tally up your weekly caloric intake when hitting happy hour or having wine with dinner. Let’s see the damage that is done that we may not be privy to- it’s all about being in the “know” before making changes. Check in with your reality.  I will also debunk and/or support the benefits of some cocktails.