Reduce Your Waste At Home and Save Money

Decrease Waste Poster

Because wellness has 8 pillars, I am representing two of them here- financial and environmental wellness. Finding balance between all of the pillars is key to a well and organized healthy life.

Waste reduction is needed for improving our environment, but also helping our budgets. Some of these things may or may not seem straight forward for you, but they are waste-saving hacks for the home that I instilled in my life a few years ago. I find they not only limit my trips to the garbage bins, but also has saved me a good deal of money over time.


* Use kitchen towels or rags VS paper towels

* Produce savers @rubbermaid will help save your fresh produce for days, sometimes weeks longer than keeping it in produce bags. Once you see it turning, freeze it without rinsing.

* Set a 2-sheet max toilet paper rule, seriously

* Make a point to pay attention to + repurpose everything in your fridge – get creative with your food!

* Have a plan: meal prepping with a set plan will reduce waste naturally

* Invest in a washable, reusable water bottle for everyone in the family

* Wear things a few times (if you have only worn it at home) before putting it in the laundry

* Be mindful of quantity: sometimes I notice that I use too much face wash, shampoo, etc. I take a small amount first and add to it as-needed

* Use reusable everything: containers, shopping bags, snack containers/bags, pantry containers, et al.

* Cancel + go paperless with the majority of your mail

* Learn to repair + repurpose things that vs trashing + buying new (YouTube people, it has video tutorials for everything)