Workout Motivation: Let’s Sweat!


It is needed, more often than not, to remind yourself just to get started. Whether it be an entirely new workout regimen or just your workout of the day. These eight tips bring my mind back to the present and the future goals I have set for myself and bring my motivation and drive to the forefront so I am ready to crush another sweaty cardio or strength workout.


  1. KNOW YOUR “WHY:” do you have a particular fitness goal you’re working towards? Are you going to feel guilt and regret if you don’t get it in today?
  2. FIND YOUR POWER: what has driven you in the past after a workout? Feeling strong? A sense of pride? More energy? Remember those feelings, hold onto it, and you’ll get it again today!
  3. START SMALLER: don’t go in with a lofty plan for a workout. Start small, like: just get on the treadmill or do some shoulders. Then, the more energy you get during the workout, expand upon it in the moment if you can.
  4. WORKOUT WITH A BUDDY: find someone who can act as a friend and accountability workout buddy today.
  5. SHARE YOUR PLAN: tell your person, friend, family that you want to workout. Inadvertently, that is accountability because you then have people to answer to!
  6. FOLLOW FITNESS INSPO: use positive fitness people on social media to keep you inspired to get up and go for it!
  7. REMEMBER REST: maybe today is rest day for you, but before you skip out, ask yourself if you need rest, have earned it, have met your weekly goals, and if your body is ready for it.
  8. PICK A LIST OF MANTRAS: keep mantras you resonate with near you (I keep them in my phone notes) to remind yourself you can do it.  Want some of mine? Here are 5 mantras I’ve learned and/or crafted over time:
  • It isn’t about ‘winning,’ but every workout is about getting the best out of yourself, for yourself.
  • Focus on your purpose and goals. Don’t compare yourself to others- their lives + goals are not the same.
  • I decided a long time ago there are 2 words removed from my vocabulary: “BUT” + “CAN’T”
  • Remember: it isn’t supposed to get easier- keep in mind that you are certainly getting better and more capable.
  • Nothing happens overnight, however, every day matters.

Just SHIFT YOUR FOCUS, mentally and emotionally. Reminding yourself of the positives of doing ANY workout in both the short- and long-term are key to avoiding excuses and being unmotivated.


10 Ways to Burn an Extra 100 Calories Today

With limited access to gyms + equipment for many, I jot down 10 ways I try to burn more calories in my home some days.

These are great to combine together to make sure you’re moving more, but also a few in addition to your actual workouts.

  1. Make your floors spic and span and burn 100 calories by vacuuming your house for 25 minutes
  2. Go for a brisk 15-minute walk outside with a pet. Take it a step up and jog them every few minutes to exercise you and them!
  3. Stand when you work. You burn 10 extra calories for every 10 minutes you stand vs sit.
  4. Jump rope for 7 straight minutes. Hey, you can do this while watching TV or waiting for water to boil in the kitchen!
  5. Get your groove on and dance moderately for 20 minutes
  6. Take the kinks out of your clothes and burn 100 calories ironing for 25 minutes
  7. A 40-minute joyride at 10mph on your bike will burn 100 calories + get you fresh air.
  8. Make your car look shiny and burn 100 calories with a 20-minute wax
  9. Update the look of your home-20 minutes of painting burns 100 calories
  10. Avoid the elevators and take the stairs-20 minutes of stair climbing burns 100 calories