Health Behind Blackberries

GIMME ME…some organic blackberries!

I’ve always loved mixed berries thanks to their low sugar content + utter deliciousness, but when Spring rolls around, I am all about snagging some blackberries for smoothies, toast toppers, soups, salads, + more tasty uses.


1 cup has just 62 calories, but have some of the highest antioxidant content amongst fruits. The dark-colored berry is a definite superstar. They are touted as a natural skin-tightener thanks to their Vitamin C + K levels, Also high in tannins, they are known for anti-inflammatory qualities, which we all need in our lives!

Simply put- give yourself a dose of blackberries while they are in season to boost your overall health + wellness!

Check out my quick toastie recipe with blackberries in it:

Blackberry + Sage: 1 1/2 TB goat cheese spread over a toasted slice of whole grain bread + topped with a handful of microgreens, several slightly smashed blackberries, a smidge of chopped sage, + a drizzle of honey.⠀ ⠀