Build a Healthier Platter Board

How-To: Build a Healthy Platter Board

Having to say ‘no’ to things that are on-trend because you’re being healthier is no fun! Instead, take something + give it a makeover. Platter boards, generally loaded with carbs, heavy cheeses, nuts, + other high-calorie + fat foods, can be changed up in little ways to provide an easy app tray or grazing meal/snack tray for the fridge without the guilt.

Quick Fixes by Ashley

… save time, money, calories, + fat…

  • Choose healthy dips (hummus, guacamole, Tzatsiki made with Greek yogurt, DIY dips that are recipe rehabs of popular bad for you ones)
  • Use leftover, colorful cooked + raw veggies to replace the overdone bread + crackers
  • Get creative with carbs like dried chickpeas, flax crackers, coconut wraps, + more
  • Easy proteins that keep like smoked salmon + prosciutto are better than salamis + oily sausages
  • Skip dried fruits + use fresh like apple slices, broiled orange slices with cinnamon,
  • Add healthier fats like avocado + olives (not marinated in oil) to make cheese + nut portions smaller
  • Use hard vs soft cheeses (lower in fat)
  • Instead of nuts, use a nut butter as a dip to help control portions

Get creative, use what you have, make it pretty, + enjoy!