CLEAN SLEEPING is how healthy living truly begins

Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who are sleep deprived are 1/3 more likely to gain 33 LBS over the next 16 years than those who receive just 7 hours of sleep per night. This extra weight can lead to chronic diseases + more that oftentimes, nutrition + exercise cannot prevent alone.

High-quality REM sleep is the start of a healthy lifestyle. Point blank, without enough sleep aids in the reenergizing and rebalance of your body’s 10 control systems. It’s as if you are a cell phone that needs to recharge overnight to work at full-capacity with better battery life the next day.

As far as weight-loss goes, a lack of sleep is detrimental. Less than seven hours of sleep per night can reduce and undo the benefits of dieting, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Not only that, but your fat cells respond to what people call “metabolic fatigue,” which can affect your body’s effectiveness of using insulin. Uh oh- in the long-run, this means fat cells are not removing fatty acids + lipids from your blood stream to prevent fat storage. You’ve also heard it before, but the same chemical in your brain that tells you that you’re tired, is the same chemical that tells you you’re hungry. Not many people can or wait to decipher between the two and wind up eating more. This is eating based off hormones too, so that can mean carb craziness + comfort foods galore.

Lack of true sleep also slows down the production of growth hormone, making your workouts suffer. Growth hormone is a natural source or anti=aging + fat-burning. The goal of a workout is to burn fat vs energy, so you’re impeding on your body’s true ability to get rid of the fat stores in your body if you’re too fatigued.

You know those days you wake up and feel truly refreshed and ready-to-go? No snooze button was hit, no coffee was mandatory, you could crush a workout, are more focused at work, are more inclined to make healthy food choices – you just have the energy to bust through the day! That is a sign you got your much-needed reboot time in bed.

There are plenty of tips to train you to get to bed + stay asleep:

  1. Have your worries abated or solved. I do this by having my tasks laid out for the next day, meals prepped or at least planned, a workout scheduled on my calendar, all emails answered (even if just to say: I see this + will answer at-length tomorrow,) + ensure my mind is quiet along with my environment, my technology is in another room or far away, + I have a comfortable bed with no television or computer on.
  2. On especially long or trying days, I’ll do a few relaxing stretches, yoga poses, or 5 minutes of meditative peace before hopping in bed. I also try soft music with a bath or reading a light-hearted book.
  3. Try a sleep tea or melatonin dose before bed to put you in the sleep zone.